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Welcome to Mox Warehouse

   You want to keep your products flowing smoothly and economically through your transportation, warehouses and logistics channels while keeping your customers satisfied? We at MOX Warehouse are proud to offer you a way to consolidate your freight and still be cost effective. We keep track of every item that is either shipped into us or picked up in route by our company trucks. In doing so, we are able to provide your company with an accurate count of on-hand material in order to better plan your shipments. We are able to provide a number of ways to ship your product, whether you need a few cases shipped UPS or FED-EX, a skid or two or an entire truckload. You have the decision on which carrier to use or rely on one of our own trucks to transport your goods.

   We strive to be as effective as possible. By using the consolidation methods we provide, you are able to have your freight delivered to your customers at a savings. We'll evaluate your current logistics configuration, costs and needs. By negotiating our rates with our customers and offering several different billing options (Product weight, the quantity of skids or the area space to house and ship the products). We are able to provide outstanding customer relations and still be saving your company money. Less trucks, less man hours involved and still have the product when your customers need the product.

   To obtain an evaluation of your savings opportunities with our rate negotiation services, or to obtain more information on the services we provide, please feel free to contact our office.